The Pescador Range 

The Pescador™ boats our dealership provides are clearly distinguished by quality and design. Based in Dartmouth, Devon, Fibramar Boats UK are the sole UK agent for the range of Portuguese Built Boats. We  proudly offers an all-encompassing range of vessels, including models specially designed to serve as capable Commercial  Fishing Boats. The Pescador Range  are built in accordance with Seafish specifications and can be Certifed for commercail fishing.

Reputable Designs

The stunning Pescador­™ range was designed by Fibramar™, a company based in Peniche, Portugal. Established in 1978, it wasn't long before Fibramar™ became recognised as a leading boat builder for leisure and sport-related fishing. In 1990, the company moved to the industrial zone of Vale do Grou, occupying new facilities with 2500 square metres of coverage. Fibramar's™ production capacity quickly grew.

Perfect for Commercial Use

Routinely relied upon by a wealth of commercial clients, the Pescador™ range of vessels contains models that may be customised to meet Seafish specifications. That makes them a compelling option for anyone looking to fish commercially at sea.


Available in three models, Open boat with ot without thwarts, Console or Cuddy the perfect inshore fishing boat.

430 Open Boat

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430 available with thwarts or
console and seat unit

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430 with Cuddy

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Available in three models, the 485 is a versitile inshore boat, Seafish approved hull design perfect for commecial or leisure use.

485 Open
with optional twarts

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Console Model

485 Open with Console 


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485 Cuddy Model

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Pescador 550

Available in three models the Pescador 550 Seafish approved hull design and build standard makes this a great all rounder for leisure or commercial fishing. 

550 Open with or without thwarts

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 550 Open with Console.
 A range of consoles and seat units available

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550 Cuddy 

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Pescador 600

The Pescador 600 is available in 5 models, Open, console, cuddy, forward wheelhouse or pilothouse. A perfct all rounder for those family days out or for those who what to venturer further out to sea, popular with commecial and leisure anglers. Seafish certified hull design and build standard.
Custom builds  catered for.

Open with optional thwarts


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600 Open with a range of consoles and seat units

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Forward Wheelhouse
or Cuddy 

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Pilot Wheelhouse  


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Pescador 680 Interior Motor

The Pescador 680 inboard model is available with a choice of engines to suit customers requirements.

Pescador 700

The Pescador 700 range. Seafish approved hull design and build quality, also available in  five models. The perfect fast fishing boat. is popular with commercial fisherman, as it offers a vast deck space for a boat of it size.  A great all rounder, it is suitable for rod and line fishing, potting and netting. A great boat for passenger carrying or family days out. Custom builds catered for.

Open Boat



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Console Model.



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Forward wheelhouse
Extended wheelhouse option available

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Pilot Wheelhouse.
two designs available

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Pescador 780

The largest boat in the Pescador range is  the 780  which offers Fibramars classic style with comfort. Seafish approved hull design and build standard.
Five models available
Open ~ Console with seat unit ~ Forward or Pilot Wheelhouses ~ Cental Cabin. 
Wheelhouse extentions and Custom builds available. 

Open Boat

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Console Model

available with a range of consoles

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Forward Wheelhouse

with or without exetention and Pilothouse Option

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Central Cabin

Walk around cabin with V berth

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Pescadorâ„¢ Model 780 C-Central

Giving You Options

With a wide range of models are available, with numerous console options to choose from.
A variety of extendable cabins and wheelhouses ensure that there is a design to suit every taste. Because our dealership happily accommodates bespoke requests, we'll work to cater to your personal requirements without exception. The models we have to offer include:

•  Pescador™ Model 430
•  Pescador™ Model 485
• Pescador™ Model 550
 Pescador™ Model 600

• Pescador™ Model 680 c/ Motor Interior
• Pescador™ Model 700 
• Pescador™ Model 780

Placing Your Order

When you are looking to purchase one of these remarkable vessels, don't hesitate to get in touch with our approachable company. As the UK provider of Fibramar™ boats, we competently handle orders from beginning to end. All orders are Professionally manufactured By Fibramar in their Portuguese factory, When it ready we'll organise a prompt delivery of the finished product.

Swift Deliveries

The delivery time for standard built hulls in white gelcoat for leisure use is approximately three weeks. Meanwhile, Seafish-specification boats for commercial fishing are delivered in approximately eight weeks. Custom builds will also require additional build time but our team will keep you well-informed and upto date throughout the order process.

Contact us today, in Dartmouth, Devon, to order first-rate Fibramar boats from the  Pescador Range.